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Illustrator David Brindley and publisher Miles Meager share a lifelong passion for the game of cricket. They have combined their respective talents to create these exclusive View from the Boundary Limited Editions and bring you the chance of seeing your cricket ground brought to life as a watercolour painting on match day.


David has enjoyed a career as a freelance illustrator since graduating from college in 1980 and lives in Newent, Gloucestershire. Miles has run his own publishing & framing business from Cradley, Worcestershire for the last 15 years.


Chatting over a coffee (and possibly cake) one day the idea developed of presenting village cricket club members with the opportunity of owning a print of their own ground. For those of us who love our cricket, with all its nuances and traditions, being a member of a village team offers so much more than just watching the game from the boundary. Now, with a limited edition print of your home ground you can recall and relive every straight six or stumping - and that vital wicket that won the game in the very last over, all from the comfort of your sofa.


Please be assured - there is no googly being bowled here!  No spin, no catch!


This is the simple premise...


If, after viewing these webpages and studying the quality of the prints we have already produced, your cricket committee are in favour then put us in to bat! Your only commitment is a returnable £50.00 deposit. When 5 or more members subsequently purchase a Limited Edition print of your club we return the deposit to you.


Your positive response will enable us to begin the original watercolour painting of your Cricket Club -  without charge.


We love cricket - we think that you will love the finished watercolour of your Cricket Ground and the high quality of the Giclée Limited Edition prints. So, for us, your cricket club's involvement will help promote the View from the Boundary

limited editions, create discussion and encourage other village teams to follow on!


Thank you for your interest.

 Miles Meager  &  David Brindley

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